Inspiration: Tal Peleg

Tal Peleg is a makeup artist from Israel who went viral with her detailed eye-paintings – they are so perfect. Basically she is a miniature artist of the makeup world, and so talented!

Inspiration: Emily Anderson Makeup

I just discovered Emily Anderson through this stunning mermaid face – I think on Pinterest. If Pinterest could come as some kind of bionic implant so that I could browse behind my eyelids all the time, I would probably do it. Obsessed. With. Pinterest.

Emily is a makeup artist in Los Angeles who FLAWLESSLY combines makeup with face painting and special effects. Just gorgeous.

Inspiration: The Gypsy Shrine

Basically every viral glitter video is from Gypsy Shrine. All worship the glitter. Doesn’t seem very eco-friendly though, but I haven’t actually ordered any of their products – they just remind me that there is no such thing as too much sparkle or two many boobs, a philosophy I have taken very seriously. Maybe I’ll find eco-friendly ways to imitate them! I’m transitioning to biodegradable glitter as my many (pounds) of old glitter are used up. I’m doing major bio-glitter research – I will do a comparison post at some point.

Inspiration: Kimberly Margarita

Oh Kimberly. Such an ethereal beauty, so much creativity! I love how she always includes her neck and often her nails as part of the image – something to keep in mind!