Inspiration: Ann Pokes

Discovered another awesome female hand-poke tattoo artist! Love it!

Inspiration: TRF Art

Another German hand-poke artist, with a unique style! A guy this time. Ladies are dominating the blog.

Inspiration: Lara Maju

Idol. I love it when people use hand-poke as a style, and use it to enhance the design instead of just trying to imitate regular tattoos.

Inspiration: Grace Neutral

What do I love about Grace Neutral? There is something wonderfully aggressive about her style. Most of the tattoos I like are very delicate and feminine, and she is a bad-ass dainty elf looking person, but her style itself is very bold. Another awesome hand-poke tattoo artist!

Inspiration: Sarah Lu

Another hand-poke artist!

Inspiration: Tati Compton

When I think of hand-poke tattoos, I think of Tati Compton. The internet is crawling with imitations of her super recognizable style of  mysticism. Probably if I had to pick one tattoo artist in the world to get a tattoo from, it would be her. LOVE LOVE LOVE!

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