Activism: Alfredo Meschi

Wow. In an intersection of two of my interests (veganism and tattoos) this man, Alfredo Meschi, has covered himself in 40,000 xs, that cover his entire body.

“Why do I have 40,000 tattoos? Because 40,000 non-human animals are slaughtered in the world every second, just to satisfy our appetites.”

What an incredible human being.

Inspiration: Kelly McGrath

I’m so obsessed. Kelly McGrath is a tattoo artist in Hillsborough, North Carolina with a super distinctive, Lisa Frank vibe, over the top girly style. The part that really gets me is the dots- I’ve never seen someone do colored dots like she does. I would get a tattoo from her in a heartbeat. Also she does WICKED gem pieces.

Inspiration: Lara Maju

Idol. I love it when people use hand-poke as a style, and use it to enhance the design instead of just trying to imitate regular tattoos.

Inspiration: Tal Peleg

Tal Peleg is a makeup artist from Israel who went viral with her detailed eye-paintings – they are so perfect. Basically she is a miniature artist of the makeup world, and so talented!

Inspiration: Emily Anderson Makeup

I just discovered Emily Anderson through this stunning mermaid face – I think on Pinterest. If Pinterest could come as some kind of bionic implant so that I could browse behind my eyelids all the time, I would probably do it. Obsessed. With. Pinterest.

Emily is a makeup artist in Los Angeles who FLAWLESSLY combines makeup with face painting and special effects. Just gorgeous.