Inspiration: Kelly McGrath

I’m so obsessed. Kelly McGrath is a tattoo artist in Hillsborough, North Carolina with a super distinctive, Lisa Frank vibe, over the top girly style. The part that really gets me is the dots- I’ve never seen someone do colored dots like she does. I would get a tattoo from her in a heartbeat. Also she does WICKED gem pieces.

Inspiration: Lara Maju

Idol. I love it when people use hand-poke as a style, and use it to enhance the design instead of just trying to imitate regular tattoos.

Inspiration: Sasha Unisex

My dedication to posting on Instagram has been pretty pathetic over the years – but one thing that never changed is that I have always followed Sasha Unisex! She is an incredible water color painter who somehow – with magic? – transfers her paintings onto skin. Such beautiful, bright gradients, lots of charming animals.

Inspiration: Grace Neutral

What do I love about Grace Neutral? There is something wonderfully aggressive about her style. Most of the tattoos I like are very delicate and feminine, and she is a bad-ass dainty elf looking person, but her style itself is very bold. Another awesome hand-poke tattoo artist!

Inspiration: Veronica Lilu

A most incredible henna and tattoo artist I’ve been obsessed with for years, whose style I see emulated every day. *Sigh* Her Instagram account is ridiculously gorgeous. She’s probably the only henna artist I actively follow online.