Festival Body Painting

How to Book an Appointment

Text me at 805-699-6518, or message me on Instagram or Facebook! Appointments are booked in order, starting at noon and ending at sunset. Payment is required to complete your booking.

I will make a custom pastie out of tape if you want one or the festival requires it. All paints are vegan and cruelty free, and I use biodegradable glitter only.

Body Paint

At festivals, I use waterproof hybrid paint. It should last at least 24 hours, though you can remove it sooner. My festival work is all done in a tribal/floral/calligraphic line-work style and there is no base color underneath. Each piece is unique and free form. You can pick 1-3 colors, but the more colors the less detail. Choose black, white, or a single strong color for best effect.

  • 15 minutes – face paint OR simple chest piece
  • 30 minutes – face paint and complex chest piece, OR simple half body
  • 60 minutes – complex half body or simple full body
  • 180 minutes – complex full body
  • I may finish a couple minutes early to take a quick photo

If you would like me to use using other techniques, such as full body coverage or water-based paint contact me for rates.

Body Tape

I rarely do body taping at festivals because of littering concerns. If you wish to do a body tape piece, there are techniques I can use to prevent littering, so reach out to me and we can discuss possibilities.


I love to paint performers! Please reach out to me with your costume ideas and I can make body paint suggestions!

30 Minute Pieces

60 Minute Pieces

90+ Minute Pieces