Review: Medusa’s Makeup and November Beauty Box

So I ordered this beauty box last week, and then realized when it arrived that IT IS DECEMBER NOW AND I GET ANOTHER ONE. YES. I can’t wait.

So while The All Natural Face is the most versatile vegan/cruelty free makeup brand, Medusa’s Makeup is the most fun!! They have my favorite mascara and the best part is all of their stuff is EPIC on the glitter. Level of glitter that I as a professional glitzer rarely encounter. Here are my favorite products:

  • WITCH LASH MASCARA. Witch Lash Witch Lash Witch Lash! This is great, dark, thick mascara I wear every day. The only thing it could do better is be “waterproof” but it lasts plenty well and I’m not crying all over the place (usually) and it’s better in quality than the water-proof vegan mascaras I have tried. Lies, I can only find one: Aquarian Gaze by Pacifica, which does not have the UMPH of Witch Lash, which I prefer. It also has more Umph, durability, and darkness than The All Natural Face vegan mascara.
  • Deluxe Eyelashes. They only sell one style of eyelash: my absolute favorite shape and thickness. And it comes in a cute heart box with a little bit of vegan lash glue which is great for gifts or retail.
  • Eye Dust, with the best fixer to keep it in place. SO MUCH GLITTER AND SHIMMER. SO MUCH.
  • Neon Pigment. This neon dust glows under blacklight. I am a blacklight body painter – need I say more? One of my must-haves.

I’m also really fond of their lipstick in Lydia purple, but in general I’m more of liquid lipstick. Their lip paint is pretty new, I haven’t tried it it yet. Not sure about the colors but I’m sure they will add more. I had hoped some would come in the November Beauty Box, but you can’t pick! I have wanted their beauty box for SO LONG because it’s all vegan and cruelty free, and right as I am at am my absolute broke-est I decided I could wait. Here’s what I got!

  • “Sex on the Peach” Mineral Blush – I don’t see this on the site! It must be new! The other blushes are all $12.
  • “Karma Chameleon” Eye Dust, $8
  • “The Fix” Glitter Adhesive, $9

Total: $29 value I got for $15.95 at the Beauty Box subscription. Nice.

I love how well these items go together. The fix is obviously to maximize the eye dust, and the mineral blush is similar in tone. So you could base a whole look off of these pretty, peachy red-pink tones. They are unique colors a lot of people may not have, though it does clash a bit with my hot pink hair – OR DOES IT??? Rules are made to be broken and I like adding the eye dust on top of the already sparkly mineral blue for EXTRA SPARKLE.

Hopefully I get the next one soon – can’t wait!