Inspiration: Kelly McGrath

I’m so obsessed. Kelly McGrath is a tattoo artist in Hillsborough, North Carolina with a super distinctive, Lisa Frank vibe, over the top girly style. The part that really gets me is the dots- I’ve never seen someone do colored dots like she does. I would get a tattoo from her in a heartbeat. Also she does WICKED gem pieces.

Inspiration: Daizy Design

Daizy Design is my #1 favorite face painter online. I drool over her website on a regular basis – she is the most intricate face painter I have ever seen! And always so beautiful. Obsessed!

Inspiration: Tati Compton

When I think of hand-poke tattoos, I think of Tati Compton. The internet is crawling with imitations of her super recognizable style of  mysticism. Probably if I had to pick one tattoo artist in the world to get a tattoo from, it would be her. LOVE LOVE LOVE!